11 Best Dollar Tree Items To Stock Up On for Valentine’s Day (2024)

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11 Best Dollar Tree Items To Stock Up On for Valentine’s Day (1)

February 14 is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning to throw a Valentine’s Day party or helping make gift bags for the kids to pass out at school, Dollar Tree has everything you need for the sweetest celebrations — at a fraction of the cost.

Get your shopping list ready: these 11 Valentine’s Day essentials are must-buys at Dollar Tree.

Valentine’s Day Tinsel Heart Decorations

Priced at $1.25 each, these Valentine’s Day tinsel heart decorations add a sparkly touch to walls in every space, from the classroom to the office.

Choose from a wide variety of colors including purple, pink, fuchsia and red tinsel.

Red Heart-Shaped Foil Balloons

What’s a Valentine’s Day party without balloons? Skip the more pricey options in competing retailers in favor of Dollar Tree’s red heart-shaped foil balloons.

Made from sturdy foil, these balloons hold helium longer than latex balloons. Shoppers making a bulk balloon purchase online will need to schedule an appointment with the store manager at their local Dollar Tree and show a copy of their receipt to get their balloons inflated. According to the Dollar Tree website, this ensures your location has enough helium to fill your balloon order.

Make Your Money Work for You

Red Plastic Table Covers

Dollar Tree’s plastic table covers are a must-buy if you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party at home or enjoying a potluck event.

Available in festive red, these table covers (54 x 108″) offer protection from spills and crumbs and make cleaning up afterward a breeze.

Glittery Scatter Hearts

From a romantic dinner night to a fun party, add a little extra love to any table setting with Dollar Tree’s glittery scatter hearts. These hearts are made of foam, and you’ll find an assortment of small and large ones in red and pink.

There are 60 glitter hearts inside each bag. This means shoppers only pay about two cents per heart.

Home Collection Red Cotton Kitchen Linens

Add a pop of red to your kitchen on Valentine’s Day with Home Collection’s red cotton kitchen linens.

Dollar Tree shoppers receive an oven mitt and potholder for just $1.25. Both kitchen essentials include a stitched-in hang loop to make storing these bright kitchen essentials easy.

Plastic Dessert Plates

We’re willing to bet any Valentine’s Day bash you host (or attend) will have plenty of desserts present, so these plastic dessert plates are a must-have.

Each red plate is perfectly sized to hold sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies and cake. Dollar Tree shoppers receive 12 plates in each pack, which comes to paying about 10 cents per plate.

Make Your Money Work for You

Valentine’s Heart-Themed Treat Bags with Twist Ties

Making gift bags for the kids’ classroom or to pass out at a party with your best friends? Pick up these Valentine’s heart-themed treat bags from Dollar Tree.

Available in an assortment of cute designs, there are 20 treat bags inside every package. Twist ties are also included to keep bags securely closed shut.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

At $1.50 each, Dollar Tree’s heart-shaped sunglasses make a great addition to Valentine’s Day gift bags, whether you’re packing gifts for a classroom bash or a party with all your besties.

Each pair provides 100% UV protection. Choose from light pink or dark pink shades.

Valentine’s Day Assorted Sticker Packs

We love the lighthearted designs in these Valentine’s Day sticker packs!

At just $1.25 per pack, Dollar Tree shoppers get to choose from an assortment of stickers featuring hearts, gnomes, owls and sweet sentiments.

Colombina Tiger Swirled Heart Lollipops

What’s a classroom Valentine’s Day exchange without candy? Add a bag of Colombina Tiger Swirled Heart Lollipops to your Dollar Tree shopping cart at just 1.25 per bag.

Each bag includes 22 lollipops in strawberry and cream flavor. Pair a pop with a card or pass them out on their own for a sweet treat everyone will love.

Palmer Valentine Double Crisp Chocolate Hearts

You’ll love spotting Palmer Valentine double crisp chocolate hearts at Dollar Tree — and melt for their $1.25 price tag!

Each bag is loaded with crispy, chocolatey hearts individually wrapped in foil. Pass them out to all the sweethearts in your life.

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article "Saving Money / Holiday."

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a retail store that offers a wide range of products at a low price point. It is known for selling items for $1 or less. Dollar Tree is a popular destination for individuals looking to save money on various products, including party supplies, home goods, and seasonal items.

Valentine's Day Essentials

The article mentions 11 Valentine's Day essentials that can be purchased at Dollar Tree. These essentials include:

  1. Valentine's Day Tinsel Heart Decorations: These heart-shaped decorations add a sparkly touch to walls and are available in various colors such as purple, pink, fuchsia, and red.

  2. Red Heart-Shaped Foil Balloons: These balloons are made from sturdy foil and hold helium longer than latex balloons. They can be purchased at Dollar Tree for a lower price compared to other retailers.

  3. Red Plastic Table Covers: Dollar Tree offers plastic table covers in festive red, which provide protection from spills and make cleaning up easier.

  4. Glittery Scatter Hearts: These foam hearts can be used to add a little extra love to any table setting. Each bag contains 60 glitter hearts in red and pink.

  5. Home Collection Red Cotton Kitchen Linens: Dollar Tree offers red cotton kitchen linens, including an oven mitt and potholder, for a low price.

  6. Plastic Dessert Plates: These red plastic dessert plates are perfectly sized to hold sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies, and cake. Each pack contains 12 plates.

  7. Valentine's Heart-Themed Treat Bags with Twist Ties: These treat bags are available in cute designs and come with twist ties to keep them securely closed. Each package contains 20 treat bags.

  8. Heart Shaped Sunglasses: Dollar Tree offers heart-shaped sunglasses in light pink or dark pink shades. Each pair provides 100% UV protection and can be a great addition to Valentine's Day gift bags.

  9. Valentine's Day Assorted Sticker Packs: These sticker packs feature lighthearted designs, including hearts, gnomes, owls, and sweet sentiments. Each pack is available for a low price.

  10. Colombina Tiger Swirled Heart Lollipops: These lollipops come in a bag with 22 lollipops in strawberry and cream flavor. They can be a sweet treat for Valentine's Day exchanges.

  11. Palmer Valentine Double Crisp Chocolate Hearts: These individually wrapped chocolate hearts are crispy and chocolatey. Each bag is available for a low price.

These are just a few examples of the Valentine's Day essentials available at Dollar Tree. By shopping at Dollar Tree, individuals can save money while still enjoying the holiday celebrations.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the content of the article and may not reflect the current availability of products or prices at Dollar Tree.

11 Best Dollar Tree Items To Stock Up On for Valentine’s Day (2024)
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