15 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (2024)

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15 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (1)Rachel BroughamUpdated: Feb. 05, 2024

    Forget the heart-shaped box of chocolates and over-priced vase of red roses. This Valentine's Day, give a loved one a unique gift from the heart. Here are 15 DIY gift ideas that are easy-to-make.

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    Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    This tic-tac-toe game would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for a child in your life.

    You’ll need some cloth bags (you can sew them yourself or buy them), some heart-shaped wood chips (easy to cut with a scroll saw or jigsaw), a letter stamp set, some ink and a red marker. With the help of an adult, your child could make these games as gifts for their friends.

    For a complete list of instructions, visit Magnolia Market.


    Candy Tackle Box

    Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without some candy, so get creative with this clever tackle box full of treats.

    You can use a small compartment container like the kind you may use to organize small hardware pieces on your workbench.

    Here are the full directions for how to make these cute Valentine’s Day tackle boxes.


    Heart Mugs

    Your loved ones will think of you every time they drink out of their new heart coffee mugs. You can find inexpensive simple white mugs at a dollar store that will make a great gift when decorated.

    Here are the full instructions from PinkWhen.


    String Art

    This simple DIY project from Reality Daydream can be customized; make it big or small and use your favorite colors.

    You’ll need some scrap wood cut to size and sanded. Then use nails to create a heart shape and yarn to fill in the pattern.


    Beer Holder

    For the beer (or soda) lover, make a custom six-pack holder. Just take the cardboard holder and decorate it with photos and drawings.

    For a similar, but sturdier project, try creating a DIY reclaimed barn wood beer caddy. Oh and, don’t miss out on these other swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day gifts for him, either.


    Heart Ornament

    You can make this simple Valentine’s Day ornament in just minutes with some cardboard and yarn. Just cut out the cardboard in the shape of a heart and tightly wrap the yarn around it and you’ll have your ornament.

    You can watch a video of one being made here.


    Gift Basket

    Themed gift baskets are always a fun gift idea. Depending on the recipient’s taste, try filling a basket with beer, soda, candy, lotto cards or fun snacks—the possibilities are endless.



    Give some customized magnets this Valentine’s Day! Here are our favorite magnetic tape strips.

    For a full list of instructions, visit MakeSomthingMondays.com.


    Places-We’ve-Been Art

    Think about all the places you’ve been together and make a “Places We’ve Been” gift that will look great hanging on the wall. Just cut out maps of the locations you’ve been together in the shape of a heart, glue or tape them to heavy paper and finish it off with a picture frame.

    Visit lil bit for complete instructions.


    52 Reasons

    Grab an old pack of playing cards and write down 52 reasons you love the recipient. You can then line up the cards and punch holes for binder clips to hold them together and keep them organized.


    Heart Charms

    Have a jewelry lover on your list? These clay heart charms are not only fun to make, but they are a great Valentine’s Day gift, too.

    You’ll need some polymer clay (available at craft stores) and some basic kitchen tools.



    Instead of roses, give succulents this Valentine’s Day. Succulents do well in winter and can also be used in a DIY terrarium.

    You can also try your hand at making this heart floral arrangement by following these instructions.


    Heart Tree

    Trees aren’t just for Christmas! Create a DIY Valentine heart tree with a Mason jar, paint and some twigs.


    15 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (15)

    Courtesy Merchant

    DIY Picture Frame

    A DIY picture frame will be a great addition to any gallery wall. You can find an inexpensive heart-shaped frame from a craft store and then decorate it with scrapbook paper.


    Button Art

    Collect or buy pink, red and white buttons and create some DIY artwork. Use hot-glue to attach buttons to a canvas that has been covered with burlap or another simple fabric.

    Follow these tips to complete the project.

    Originally Published: February 09, 2021

    15 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (17)

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    15 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (2024)
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