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Give your front door a springtime makeover on a budget with these dollar store easter wreaths.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (1)

Welcome the arrival of springtime with these Dollar Tree spring wreath ideas that will add a pop of color and easter charm to your home. From bunny wreaths to easter egg wreaths, there are plenty of easter wreath ideas to choose from. Whether you want to add these wreaths to your walls, spring mantel decor, or your front door, you will find many different Dollar Tree crafts for inspiration.

There are easter crafts for adults that offer an array of decor styles, including modern, minimalistic, rustic, and farmhouse easter decorations. These wreaths will create a welcoming entrance for your guests, improve your spring curb appeal, and add a festive touch to your Easter decor ideas.

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Dollar Store Easter Wreaths

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (2)

Photo Credit:ourcraftymom.com

Bunny Wreath

This creative and budget-friendly project is made using Dollar Tree mop heads to craft a fluffy, adorable bunny wreath. It will add a beautiful addition to your spring mantel decor or Easter porch decor.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (3)

Photo Credit:thediymommy.com

Easy Easter Egg Wreath

This easter egg wreath is a colorful Dollar Tree craft. It uses a wire form, plastic speckled eggs, ribbon, a small wooden birdhouse ornament, yarn, moss, paint, and a hot glue gun. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating this festive Easter wreath. Adding pom-poms and moss gives it texture and interest. It makes a beautiful spring decor idea for the home.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (4)

Photo Credit:thehappyfarmhouse.com

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Celebrate easter on a budget with this adorable carrot wreath. It only uses items from Dollar Tree, including a wire frame, a bunny sign, a burlap ribbon, and packages of carrots. To make it, wrap the frame with burlap, attach the carrots, and sign the pieces with hot glue for a festive look.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (5)

Photo Credit:jessicaetcetera.com

Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

This colorful and budget-friendly decoration is inspired by higher-priced retail options. It uses pastel plastic eggs, berry filler stems, greenery vine, and a wire form. The tutorial guides you through arranging and gluing these elements for a vibrant spring display. Its bold rainbow design makes it a standout addition to your spring decor.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (6)

Photo Credit:www.therootsofhome.com

Yellow Spring Wreath

Here is an affordable spring project that will bring the brightness of spring into your home. It only uses a few dollar store items, including a small bamboo wreath and yellow faux flower sprigs. The tutorial guides you through a quick and easy process of attaching sprigs to the form. The result is a lush, vibrant decoration perfect for springtime.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (7)

Photo Credit:www.countrypeony.com

DIY Speckled Egg Wreath

Transform dollar store easter eggs into a chic spring decoration with this one. By gluing pastel, speckled eggs onto a willow wreath and adding a ribbon or pipe cleaner for hanging, it displays the spirit of the season in a stylish, affordable way. It's a simple easter craft for adults to make.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (8)

Photo Credit:www.livingletterhome.com

Spring Hula Hoop Wreath

Transform a dollar store hula hoop into a stylish spring wreath using rose gold spray paint, flowers, and a chipboard cutout. This clever DIY project shows even the most basic items can become beautiful home decor with some creativity.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (9)

Photo Credit:www.craftidly.com

Farmhouse-Style Wreath

The Farmhouse-style wreath involves painting dollar-store plastic eggs in pastel colors, speckling them for a textured look, and adding them in between wire forms with Spanish moss. It makes a great rustic easter decoration for your home.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (10)

Photo Credit:www.simplejoy.com

String Easter Egg Wreath

Embroidery floss and balloons create delicate, pastel-colored eggs. This budget-friendly project costs under $10 and offers a fun and creative way to decorate for spring. The process involves wrapping balloons with wet embroidery floss and then letting them dry to form egg shapes. These are assembled into a wreath-shape, creating a festive DIY easter decor idea for your door.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (11)

Photo Credit:www.thehappyscraps.com

Spring Paper Wreath

Celebrate spring in a creative and colorful way with this one. You'll need pastel patterned paper, a wreath form, and a glue gun. To make it, add looped paper strips to the form to create a vibrant and textured wreath. It's an affordable craft that adds a cheerful spring touch to your decor.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (12)

Photo Credit:lraedesign.blog

Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath

Create a simple yet elegant egg wreath using dollar tree items such as a wire egg form, chunky white yarn, decorative Easter eggs, and ribbon. It's a fun and whimsical way to bring springtime charm to your doorstep without breaking the bank.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (13)

Photo Credit:blog.mardigrasoutlet.com

Deco Mesh Carrots

These deco mesh carrots will give your front door a cute makeover for springtime. They are made with deco mesh, wire, and ribbon. This DIY tutorial offers step-by-step instructions to create an eye-catching carrot-shaped decoration. It is perfect for hanging on your door or as a wall accent.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (14)

Photo Credit:www.misskopykat.com

Grass Wreath

The springtime grass wreath is made using a foam form and lime green fun fur (or eyelash) yarn. The yarn creates a fluffy, grass-like texture that's perfect for the springtime. The addition of foam eggs transforms it into a festive spring decoration.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (15)

Photo Credit:www.triedandtrueblog.com

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath

Turn vibrant Peeps candies into a festive easter decoration. The Peeps are arranged in a rainbow sequence and secured onto the wreath form. It's a creative way to use easter candy for decor, perfect for those looking to add a splash of spring colors to their home.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (16)

Photo Credit:howtonestforless.com

Easter Deco Mesh Wreath

Welcome spring to your doorstep with this one that only requires deco mesh, a straw form, and colorful egg picks from the dollar store. The process involves wrapping the wreath form with mesh and adding egg picks for a colorful touch. It's perfect for adding a pop of color to your door.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (17)

Photo Credit:thesoccermomblog.com

Easter Egg Wreath

This super simple easter egg wreath is perfect for crafting beginners and even makes a great easter craft for kids (with adult help and supervision). It uses plastic eggs, a wire frame, and some basic craft supplies. There are two versions included, ensuring there's a style that fits everyone's taste.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (18)

Photo Credit:100things2do.ca

Easy Easter Deco Mesh Door Hanger

Create a vibrant easter door hanger using affordable dollar store items. You'll need deco mesh, a wire wreath form, wire ribbon, pipe cleaners, and decorative accents. The tutorial walks you through cutting the deco mesh, creating bundles with the mesh and ribbon, and attaching them to the form. It's a fun way to bring spring cheer to your home.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (19)

Photo Credit:www.thehappyhousie.com

Five Minute Spring Forsythia Wreath

Celebrate spring's arrival with these bright yellow blooms. It requires a grapevine base, faux forsythia branches, and twine. To make it, weave the forsythia branches into the grapevine and secure them with twine. This wreath will bring spring cheer to any door, crafted in just five minutes for a stylish seasonal update.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (20)

Photo Credit:www.twosisterscrafting.com

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

Here is a charming and easy-to-create project that adds a whimsy to your spring decorations. With just a few supplies, including a styrofoam floral ring, a bunny ears headband, white feather boas, and a hot glue gun, you can create this adorable wreath in about 15 minutes. The process involves stretching the headband across the top of the floral ring and wrapping the boas around for a fluffy bunny look.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (21)

Photo Credit:www.prudentpennypincher.com

Simple Bunny Wreath

This simple craft transforms foam wreaths, cotton balls, and a bunny headband into a cute bunny decoration. It's perfect for adding a festive touch to your home without spending much money or time since it only costs $4 in supplies and takes under 30 minutes to make.

20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (22)

Photo Credit:thecrazycraftlady.com

Dollar Store Bunny Wreaths

This tutorial shows you how to craft bunny wreaths in four different styles. Whether you prefer a floral, farmhouse-style, fuzzy, or carrot-themed design, there are different designs for everyone's home decor style. These Dollar Tree easter decorations offer a creative and budget-friendly way to welcome spring into your space.

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20 DIY Dollar Store Easter Wreaths (2024)
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