30+ Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (2024)

Fall in love with these free Valentine crochet patterns for both yourself and loved ones.

By: Krista Childers, Editor, AllFreeCrochet.com


Valentine's Day crochet is near the top of our list for favorite patterns. Crochet Valentine hearts, flowers, faux candy and chocolates, and so much more. It's delightful, romantic, sweet, and unexpected. Plus, any of these 30+ Lovable Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns can be kept and remembered for years to come.

Give the gift that lasts with Valentine crochet ideas. Whether you're married, dating, have kids or have a four-legged friend, we have homemade Valentine gifts and crochet Valentine hearts for everyone. My favorite part about Valentine's Day is that you can get creative with your decor and gifts.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we thought it'd be appropriate to share some Valentine crochet patterns for everyone. My favorite part about Valentine's Day is that you can get creative with your decor and gifts.

Because it's such a sentimental holiday, it's greater to give homemade Valentine gifts than store bought ones. And believe me, we have plenty of cute Valentine gift ideas. Since we all love crochet, you know we're about to provide you with some super cute Valentine crochet patterns.

Make a few items from the list and create a Valentine gift basket for your favorite person. Free Valentine crochet patterns are the ones you make from the heart, so let's get started!

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Table of Contents

  • Crochet Valentine Ideas for Decorating
  • Cute Crochet Valentine Hearts
  • Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
  • Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Adults

Crochet Valentine Ideas for Decorating

Decorating for the holidays can be so much fun. I love when you can transform your home into a colorful piece of art. These Valentine crochet patterns are cute, one of a kind decorations. Throw some pillows on the couch, hang some garland and put out your festive coasters. Free Valentine crochet patterns are where it's at!

Gorgeous Rose Wreath

This crocheted wreath is so beautiful, we'd want to leave it up all year! Why not?

Crochet Valentine's Day Gnome

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with whimsy and charm by making this crochet gnome!

Candy Heart Pillow

Pile these adorable candy heart pillows on your couch this February.

Crochet Heart Flowers Garden Applique

Love blooms just like a flower garden! Crochet this cute applique to show someone you care.

Crochet Heart Air Balloon Applique

This embellishment makes a heartfelt addition to a crochet project or other keepsake.

Crochet Valentine's Rose Heart Wreath

Another impressive wreath that will welcome all your guests home with love.

Cute Crochet Valentine Hearts

Who doesn't like a cute set of crochet Valentine hearts around this time of year? Give a Valentine heart from "your secret admirer" or make sachets, garlands, and other decorfrom these designs. Fill your home with Valentine hearts to set the mood for your special night, regardless of whom it might be with. With all of these ideas, you are sure to find the perfectcrochet valentine heart pattern.

Red and Pink Crocheted Hearts

Use these good-looking heart patterns for anything, from potholders to appliques.

Five Minute Hearts

When a crochet heart only takes 5 minutes, you can make a whole slew of colors.

Crochet Valentine’s Day Heart

Impress your friends and family with this adorable crochet heart for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Spike Stitch Heart

These romantic hearts use the spike stitch so they are super unique and pretty!

10 Minute Crochet Heart

We love these simple Valentine crochet patterns so much - and done in only 10 min!

Tiny One Round Hearts

If you think good things come in small packages, then you will adore these littles!

Loving Heart Crochet Applique

This applique heart can be used to adorn any piece of clothing or decor.

Tiny Heart Crochet Pattern

This tiny heart is bound to be made with lots of love. It's so simple but sweet.

Three Hearts For Valentine's Day

These lovely embellishments come in 3 sizes! Use them to decorate your all your Valentine's Day projects.

Wide Crochet Hearts

These will remind you that hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and they're all unique.

Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

The perfect Valentine crafts for kids are the ones that are homemade by you! Also, anything that involves candy! Younger or older kids will adore any of these Valentine's Day crochet patterns. You can even have them help you make some unique Valentine crafts with these awesome patterns below.

Love Actually Notebook Sweater

Make school or diaries cuter with the help of this heart-themed notebook cover.

Sweet Tooth Candy Bag

Once the candy runs out, kids can fill this with school supplies or little toys.

Valentine's Heart Sweater for Barbie

Let their doll celebrate, too! With this cute crochet doll sweater, she's all set.

Pikachu Amigurumi

This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the kiddo who's gotta catch 'em all!

Kids Heart-Shaped Crochet Jean Patches

Patch up your kid's jeans in the cutest way. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Mini Backpack Amore

Crochet the cutest mini backpack around! It's perfect for Valentine's Day.

Bubblegum Heart Beanie

This beanie is a perfect Valentine's Day crochet gift for any little one in your life.

Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Adults

Give a gift from the heart this year with some homemade Valentine gifts. You don't have to set a budget when you get creative with your craftiness. Surprise your other half with some nonedible chocolates, or give your daughter a new dress. These homemade Valentine gifts are easy to work up in time for Valentine's Day.

A Pink Rose Bouquet

This colorful bouquet will never wilt. These flowers are fun to work up and display.

Crochet Box of Chocolate

Ok, real chocolate is better, but this box of chocolate is too fun we can't resist!

Crochet Heart Decoration or Pin Cushion

Make this as a stress "ball" or a pin cushion for your crafty friends this V-Day.

The Love Nest

Like two peas in a pod, these lovebirds in a nest display how loved your partner is.

Heart and Sole Slippers

Why not give the gift of warmth and comfort this Valentine's Day? These are perfect.

Crochet Heart Ring

We cherish this cute little ring. It's a delightful gift for the holiday or anytime, really.

I Heart U Mug Cozy

This textured mug shows your true colors: love! This is an awesome gift for anyone.

Crochet Heart Pattern for a Fabulous Bag

Your girlfriend would be so excited to get this amazing heart bag.

Red Valentine Roses

It's not Valentine's Day without romantic roses, right? But these are less expensive.

Love Struck Beanie

Gift or keep this adorable Valentine's Day beanie.

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The article discusses various crochet patterns for Valentine's Day. These patterns include crochet hearts, flowers, faux candy, chocolates, and more. The patterns can be used to create decorations, gifts, and other Valentine-themed items. The article emphasizes the sentimental value of homemade Valentine gifts and suggests that crochet patterns can be a great way to express creativity and make personalized gifts.

Crochet Valentine Ideas for Decorating:

The article suggests using crochet patterns to decorate for Valentine's Day. It mentions that transforming your home into a colorful piece of art can be fun and delightful. The article provides examples of crochet decorations, such as a crocheted wreath, a crochet gnome, candy heart pillows, and more. These crochet patterns can be used to add a festive touch to your home during the Valentine's Day season.

Cute Crochet Valentine Hearts:

The article highlights the popularity of crochet Valentine hearts during this time of year. It suggests using crochet hearts as gifts, sachets, garlands, and other decor items. The article provides several crochet heart patterns, including hearts made with basic crochet stitches, red and pink crocheted hearts, five-minute hearts, and more. These patterns can be used to fill your home with Valentine hearts and create a romantic atmosphere.

Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids:

The article mentions that homemade Valentine gifts are perfect for kids. It suggests using crochet patterns to create unique gifts for children. The article provides examples of crochet patterns for kids, such as a love-themed notebook sweater, a sweet tooth candy bag, a Valentine's heart sweater for Barbie, and more. These crochet patterns can be used to make special gifts for kids on Valentine's Day.

Crochet Valentine's Day Gifts for Adults:

The article encourages giving homemade Valentine gifts to adults. It suggests getting creative with craftiness and surprising your loved ones with unique gifts. The article provides examples of crochet patterns for adults, including a pink rose bouquet, a crochet box of chocolates, a crochet heart decoration or pin cushion, and more. These crochet patterns can be used to make heartfelt gifts for adults on Valentine's Day.

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30+ Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (2024)
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