35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (2024)

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday to craft for, especially for little ones. Today we are sharing over 35 ideas for valentine crafts for kids!

Check out these ideas for kids of all ages. Save these easy Valentine's Day ideas for a cold February afternoon. You'll love these kid-friendly crafts.

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35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (1)

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This section features crafts that are great for preschool and early elementary aged children. Some all ages will enjoy, but we broke them down depending on difficulty.

Felt Heart Pockets by Adventures of a DIY Mom

This is a great motor skill activity. This works like a lacing activity that is then turned into a little pocket. Kids can insert Valentine's day cards for gifting.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (3)
Valentine Bubble Gum Machine by Bitz and Giggles

Valentine's gumball machines are made out of a red solo cup and a clear ornament. A fun craft to make and gift to friends on Valentine's Day.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (4)
Painted Heart Rocks by Sustain My Craft Habit

These easy rock painting ideas, with mandala designs, are a great way to relax, be artistic, and make a perfect craft for Valentine's Day. Or any day really.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (5)
Straw Rocket Valentines by Homan at Home

Include STEM in your Valentine's celebration with these cute straw rocket valentines. Cut, color, then have fun talking about propulsion as you shoot them across the room.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (6)
Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox by Creatively Beth

Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays because CANDY! Made from a wooden heart and paper plate accented with fingerprint hearts, this dollar store hot air balloon valentine mailbox will make your kiddos' heart soar. Quick and easy to create in just about 30 minutes.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (7)
Valentine Thumbprint Art by A Dab of Glue Will Do

Make adorable heart paintings while practicing fine motor skills with this simple and fun thumbprint/fingerprint craft. Perfect for your young children in the classroom or at home.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (8)
Hand on Heart Art by Mom Brite

Another take on the fingerprint art with this idea. This sweet Valentine's Day handprint craft is so fun for your toddler or preschooler to make. They will love coloring the fingerprint heart by pressing their fingers on the colorful stamp pads.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (9)
Valentine Hugs by Crafts by Amanda

This cute Valentine Hugs craft is easy to make and the kids love making them! Teachers - this is a great classroom project kids can give to loved ones! All you need is construction paper, a glue stick and googly eyes.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (10)
Valentine Heart Suncatcher by Mom Brite

Your kids will love making this Valentine's Day heart suncatcher craft that will brighten up your windows. This easy heart craft is perfect for little hands.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (11)
Sheep Valentine Craft by Two Pink Peonies

This 'wool you be my Valentine' craft is so cute! You can use pom poms, dot stickers, dot markers, or cotton balls. Use tweezers to up the fine motor skills of this craft.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (12)
Valentine Sewing Cards by Seam Whisperer

These Valentine's Day themed sewing cards are the perfect craft to keep your kids busy while practicing their fine motor skills! The free printable set of four comes with an envelope, a lace valentine, the word "Love," and a heart purse design.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (13)
How to Make Mini Envelopes by Approaching Home

For a unique take on a Valentine card, make a tiny Valentine's Day envelope and note with this free printable. Top it off with stickers and washi tape for a fun kids craft.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (14)
Mess Free Heart Painting by Mama of Minis

This easy marbled heart craft for kids uses paint, a box, and marble to create fun marbled images. Super simple, easy, and mess-free and they make a great heart-shaped craft that can be used as a Valentine or a decoration for the home!

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (15)
3D Valentine Card by Taming Little Monsters

Give someone a handful of love with this fun 3D valentine craft for kids. Trace their hand for an extra sentimental touch to the card.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (16)
Paper Towel Roll Gift Boxes by Honey and Lime

Get creative and decorate your own DIY Valentine's Day gift boxes with a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Fill them with treats and give them out to friends and family.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (17)
Recycled Heart Art Pendants by Barley and Birch

Teach about recycling and reuse materials to make these heart pendants. They would make great decor for the holiday with the heart shapes on the pendants.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (18)
Cardboard Love Shacks by Barley and Birch

This is another fun project! Grab some cardboard, paint and build a cute little love shack. A great way to keep kids busy with easy Valentine crafts.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (19)
Paper Heart Crafts by Barley and Birch

Fun Valentine's day crafts can be found with these three ways to craft with paper hearts. This example shows a paper heart ornament, these could be hung around a home or on a garland.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (20)
Clay Pot Love Bug by Creatively Beth

Another really adorable fun Valentine's Day craft! Clay pots can be transformed into something so adorable with acrylic paint and a couple of other supplies.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (21)
Felt Heart Pocket People by Creatively Beth

Felt hearts come to life with this Valentine's Day heart craft. Slip a Valentine into the pocket for fun gifting.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (22)
Valentine Owl Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

This printable craft is great for little ones. You can print out, practice cutting and gluing together to create an owl!


This section includes crafts that are great to enjoy with teens and pre-teens. Some they can do on their own or with you. Enjoy all these great easy crafts.

Find more crafts for tweens here.

Personalized Valentine Candles by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Make your own Valentine candles! They're a great Valentine's Day gift or a fun decor item.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (24)
Heart Puzzle Wreath by Creatively Beth

Here's a fun Valentine craft. Paint puzzle pieces in your favorite Valentine colors for another easy craft idea. Then glue them on in a heart shape. Add the banner or leave it as a puzzle pieces heart.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (25)
Chipboard Frames by Legally Crafty

For the pre-teens and teens make an adorable chipboard frame. Use your favorites scrapbook paper, mod podge, and clips to make a frame to gift or display.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (26)
Morse Code Valentines by Barley and Birch

Teach children about morse code and create your own Valentine's Day. Perfect to use as a card for Valentine's Day gifts.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (27)
Valentine Garland by A Country Girl's Life

Decorate with this adorable and simple glitter garland. This is a great craft for pre-teens and teens. They can decorate their rooms with this fun and easy Valentines craft.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (28)
Origami Flower Card by Fluxing Well

These easy origami greeting cards are fun to make. With just a few basic craft supplies and a short amount of time kids can make a special Valentine.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (29)
Heart Pop Up Card by The Typical Mom

Pop up heart card here for the holidays. A great craft for kids to make to give to their parents while at school, church, or a relative's home.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (30)
Paint Chip Garland by Lovely Indeed

Make this adorable Valentine craft for free! Old paint chips get turned into a charming Valentine's Day garland that kiddos can make all on their own.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (31)
Valentine Fortune Cookies by Creatively Beth

This year for Valentine's Day create quick and easy DIY felt fortune cookies for friends and classmates -- full of funny fortunes and chocolate kisses.

Beth includes a free printable of fortune cookie sayings or you can write out your own. What's not to love?? It's the perfect Valentine's day craft.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (32)
Conversation Heart Planter by Thrifty Jinx

Simple materials are used to make this adorable conversation heart planter! It makes the perfect Valentine's gift for Mom, Grandma or another special person in a child's life.



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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for crafting, especially for kids. There are numerous ideas for Valentine crafts that are suitable for children of all ages. Here are some concepts used in this article:

Felt Heart Pockets

  • This craft involves creating heart-shaped pockets out of felt, which can be used to hold Valentine's Day cards [[1]].

Valentine Bubble Gum Machine

  • Kids can make their own gumball machines using a red solo cup and a clear ornament. This craft can be a fun gift for friends on Valentine's Day [[2]].

Painted Heart Rocks

  • Children can paint rocks with heart designs, creating a relaxing and artistic craft for Valentine's Day [[3]].

Straw Rocket Valentines

  • This craft combines STEM learning with Valentine's Day by creating straw rockets. Kids can cut and color the rockets and learn about propulsion as they shoot them across the room [[4]].

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox

  • Made from a wooden heart and a paper plate, this craft involves creating a hot air balloon-themed mailbox for Valentine's Day. It can be completed in about 30 minutes and is a fun project for kids [[5]].

Valentine Thumbprint Art

  • Kids can create adorable heart paintings using their thumbprints or fingerprints. This craft is a great way to practice fine motor skills [[6]].

Hand on Heart Art

  • Similar to thumbprint art, this craft involves creating heart-shaped art using handprints. It's a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers [[7]].

Valentine Hugs

  • This craft involves making cute Valentine Hugs using construction paper, a glue stick, and googly eyes. It's a great classroom project that kids can give to loved ones [[8]].

Valentine Heart Suncatcher

  • Kids can make heart-shaped suncatchers for Valentine's Day. This craft is perfect for little hands and can brighten up windows [[9]].

Sheep Valentine Craft

  • This craft involves creating a "wool you be my Valentine" sheep using pom poms, dot stickers, dot markers, or cotton balls. It's a great way to enhance fine motor skills [[10]].

These are just a few examples of the Valentine crafts for kids mentioned in the article. There are many more ideas available, including sewing cards, mini envelopes, mess-free heart painting, 3D Valentine cards, and more. Crafting for Valentine's Day can be a fun and creative way for kids to celebrate the holiday.

35+ Valentine Crafts for Kids (2024)
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