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A pumpkin is a classic decor piece for the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving, I can’t imagine a Halloween party without some carved pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is traditional for Halloween but it might seem a bit difficult: you need instruments, the pumpkin you take might be too sturdy to cut and so on. Many of us today prefer some no fuss still very cool pumpkin decor ideas, and painting is number one among them. We’ve gathered the coolest ways to paint pumpkins for Halloween, no matter if you are an artist or don’t know how to paint at all, there are ideas for everyone here, take a look!

Easy Painted Halloween Pumpkins

If you aren’t much of an artist, you can go for some easy and catchy painting ideas. First of all, define your color scheme: it can be not only with black or dark colors, you may stick to something more modern like neon, bold and bright colors of your choice, even pastels if you want. basically, painting your pumpkins some bold colors to match your decor is already enough to create an ambience in the space. But you can go further and add letters or go color blocking, it won’t take much time and will make more impact. Letters can be added with stickers, which will be easier and faster. Splatters of paint or some watercolors will also make your Halloween pumpkins brighter and catchier. Consider painting something easy like little monsters on your pumpkins if you are planning a kids’ party. If you are going to have a celestial Halloween party, paint bold and gorgeous celestial, constellation and galaxy pumpkins. Looking incredible, they are super easy to make with some paint and splatters.

a bright and cool galaxy pumpkin with barely there constellations and lights is a beautiful solution not only for Halloween but also for the whole fall

a very easy and cool Halloween pumpkin done with bright paints and letters can be easily repeated

simple DIY black and white moon phase pumpkins are amazing for modern Halloween or fall decor, and they will be great for constellation decor

super glam Halloween table decor with a black runner, pink, blush, lilac and hot pink pumpkins and bold blooms

neon blue, green, orange, pink and yellow pumpkins with gold splatters are fantastic for Halloween decor

a beautiful blue, pink, grey and purple galaxy pumpkin with little white and silver stars and constellations for Halloween

a black Halloween pumpkin with little stars and a gold moon is a great solution for celestial decor

a black pumpkin stenciled with bats is a great idea for a modern rustic party or for your porch and it's easy to make

a bright and fun Halloween porch with turquoise, pink, blush pumpkins and signs and pillows

a classic Jack Skellington pumpkin in black and white is easy to make with paint and maybe a sharpie

a classy Trick ot Treat pumpkin with letters left non-painted is a cool and easy to realize decoration for Halloween

a cute and funny little monster pumpkin made using paints is a lovely solution for Halloween

a fabulous black, blue, grey, purple galaxy pumpkin with tiny white stars painted is amazing for Halloween decor

a funny painted Halloween pumpkin with a bat and a moon is a cool and pretty idea that won't take much time

a Halloween pumpkin with a chalkboard touch and some chalk paint plus a burlap bow is a rustic decor idea

a matte black pumpkin with gold calligraphy letters made with a sharpie is a very easy and cool idea

a matte burgundy pumpkin, a glossy black one with letters and a wine glass crafted on the pumpkin are amazing for Halloween

a modern white pumpkin with orange letters and numbers is a great idea for a modern Halloween, it's easy to craft

a painted Halloween pumpkin with a moon and an owl is a cool and bold decoration, and you need only some paint

a simple black pumpkin with BOO letters is a cool and fast to realize idea for Halloween

a small black, blue and hot pink pumpkin with white spot stars, large stars and moons for Halloween decor

a stylish black and white Halloween pumpkin with a face and a star-shaped tattoo done with decorative pins

an arrangement of bold ombre pumpkins for Halloween and just for fall will give a touch of bright color and create a mood in the space

an arrangement of cool blush and white pumpkins, with polka dots, ghosts and macrame is amazing

an oversized color block red and pink pumpkin with BOO letters is amazing for Halloween

an arrangement of jaw-dropping black, purple and blue constellation pumpkins with gold constellations is fantastic

black, purple and gold galaxy-themed pumpkins are amazing for Halloween, bold, catchy and mysterious

bold black, white and orange marble pumpkins are amazing for Halloween, they look extra bold and cool

bold painted Halloween pumpkins are a super cool solution, and you don't have to be an artist to make them

colorful and neon pumpkins with various decor and letters for a bright Halloween party

colorful modern pumpkin with no carve decor, only letter stickers for Halloween

colorful splatter pumpkins are amazing for Halloween and just for fall decor, they can be your bold touch to the decor

DIY ombre and color block pumpkins in the shades of pink are a great idea for a pink Halloween space

funny pastel pumpkins with phrases that rock are ideal for modern Halloween parties

give your Halloween decor a big dose of glam with these no-carve copper foil pumpkins

gorgeous minimalist Halloween pumpkins - a white, black and blush one with splatters are awesome

hot pink color block and eye pumpkins can be made with paint and a sharpie easily for a modern Halloween party

make a display of cool black and white glitter pumpkins with vinyl letters - they are very easy to DIY

make some easy matte black pumpkins with ghosts for your kids' Halloween party

modern color block Halloween pumpkins in white, pink, burgundy, gold and orange is a great idea for bold Halloween decor

modern ironic pumpkins in pink and white, with brushstroking and black letters is a fun and cool idea to rock

navy and grey pumpkins with holographic stars are amazing for constellation and galaxy Halloween decor

painted pumpkins with dried blooms that match will make up a bold and super catchy Halloween centerpiece

very pretty small pumpkins in blue, navy and white, with stars, moons and tiny sparkles are great for celestial Halloween parties

a black and white Halloween pumpkin done with simple black and white paint is a cool and catchy decor idea

an arrangement of Halloween pumpkins with fun and quirky phrases on them for a modern touch

black and gold pumpkins with number and letter stencils are cool and chic and are easy to realize for Halloween

Painted Halloween Pumpkins

If you can paint and feel creative, you can paint literally anything on your Halloween pumpkins. These can be scary faces, various heroes and characters from horror movies and not only, various patterns like ghosts and bats, black cats, sugar skulls and even donuts! Everything depends on your Halloween party style and what you like.

a black and white painted pumpkin and a colorful one will be a nice idea for Halloween

a colorful sugar skull Halloween pumpkin is a creative idea for those who don't want to carve but have good painting skills

a painted Venom pumpkin is a cool and fun decor idea for Halloween, especially if you are a fan

a pink pumpkin with ghosts, pumpkins, bats, witches' hats and brooms plus colorful letters is a cool solution

a scary and beautiful Pennywise pumpkin is a gorgeous idea for your Halloween party and is lovely

an arrangement of amazing colorful painted pumpkins in various bright colors is inspiring, make some for Halloween

an arrangement of beautiful pumpkins - a matte black one, patterns ones and a gorgeous sugar skull styled pumpkin to finish off

a beautiful painted black cat and spider pumpkin can be made even if you aren't that good at painting

super bright and colorful pumpkins in bold shades in pink, blue and orange are amazing for your retro Halloween party

purple, pink, turquoise and neutral pumpkins with fun patterns on them are amazing for Halloween

colorful pumpkins painted as glazed donuts with sprinkles for a fun and quirky touch

Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins will turn your space into Tim Burton inspired one and will add style to your Halloween party

Painted And Decorated Halloween Pumpkins

You may not only paint your pumpkins but also add detailing to it to make it bolder and cooler. Stickers, pins, decorative nails, spikes, 3D letters, pearls, rhinestones and even sequins – anything that inspires you and that matches your Halloween style. Get inspired!

a black Halloween pumpkin with googlye eyes is a catchy decor idea that is veyr easy to realize

a bold blue pumpkin decorated with gold sequins that form a word is a cool and bright idea for Halloween

a galaxy pumpkin is a trendy idea for those of your who enjoy celestial Halloween decor and want something special

a pink Halloween pumpkin decorated with colorful sequin letters is a lovely and fun idea for the party

a shiny black pumpkin decorated with gold leaves on top is a chic and beautiful solution that feels like Halloween

a super bright no carve popcorn pumpkin with real painted popcorn to add a whimsy touch to the decor

beautiful matte pumpkins in black, grey, coral pink and gold decorated with gold spikes and studs are amazing for Halloween

beautiful modern light pink, blush and black pumpkins with stars and matching letters are adorable for Halloween

pink pumpkins and a skull decorated with pearls look adorable, chic and glam and will make your Halloween decor unforgettable

a beautiful painted black Halloween pumpkin with flowers and ghosts is a cool and chic solution

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in pumpkin decor, I have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in creating stunning designs for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I have been a part of numerous Halloween parties where carved pumpkins were the centerpiece, and I firmly believe that they add a classic touch to the festivities.

However, I understand that carving pumpkins can be challenging for some people. The pumpkin itself might be too sturdy to cut, and carving tools can be intimidating. That's why I've explored alternative pumpkin decor ideas that are both easy and visually appealing. Among these ideas, painting pumpkins has proven to be the number one choice for many.

When it comes to painting pumpkins for Halloween, there are endless possibilities. Whether you're an artist or have no painting experience at all, there are ideas for everyone. To start, consider opting for easy and catchy painting ideas that don't require advanced artistic skills.

Begin by defining your color scheme. While black and dark colors are traditional, you can also experiment with more modern options like neon, bold and bright colors, or even pastels. Painting your pumpkins with bold colors that match your decor is enough to create a festive atmosphere. But if you want to take it a step further, you can add letters or explore color-blocking techniques for a more impactful look. Letters can be easily added using stickers, which saves time and effort. Splatters of paint or watercolors can also enhance the brightness and catchiness of your Halloween pumpkins.

If you're planning a kids' party, consider painting adorable little monsters on the pumpkins. For a celestial-themed Halloween party, go for bold and gorgeous celestial, constellation, and galaxy designs. These designs are not only incredibly stunning but also super easy to achieve with just paint and splatters.

For a modern touch, you can create black and white moon phase pumpkins, Jack Skellington pumpkins, or pumpkins with ironic phrases like "Trick or Treat" left non-painted. These designs are simple yet stylish and can easily elevate your Halloween or fall decor.

If you're aiming for a rustic look, you can stencil black pumpkins with bats or create a Halloween porch with turquoise, pink, and blush pumpkins adorned with signs and pillows. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your creativity run wild.

For those who possess advanced painting skills, the options are even more exciting. You can paint scary faces, various horror movie characters, patterns like ghosts, bats, black cats, sugar skulls, and even donuts! The choice depends on your Halloween party style and personal preferences.

To make your painted pumpkins even bolder and cooler, you can add detailing to them. Think stickers, pins, decorative nails, spikes, 3D letters, pearls, rhinestones, and even sequins. These embellishments will enhance the visual impact and match your Halloween style.

In conclusion, painting pumpkins for Halloween is a versatile and accessible way to create stunning decor. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, there are endless ideas and techniques to explore. So, let your imagination guide you, and have fun creating unique and eye-catching designs for your upcoming Halloween celebrations.

70 Cool Halloween Pumpkin Painting Ideas - DigsDigs (2024)
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