Are the barbie movies coming to netflix? Barbie Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix in 2023 (2024)

Are the barbie movies coming to netflix? This summer’s surge of love for Barbie did not begin today, it started way back in 1959 when the Mattel doll first came into existence.

Since then, Barbie has risen to fame as a renowned fashion icon, though not without its fair share of criticisms. As the 2000s unfolded, this bright-blonde, hyper-feminine doll became a popular character in computer-animated films, showcasing adventurous spirit and remarkable deeds that reminded viewers the value of being a guiding light.

There are now over 40 animated Barbie films, and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie stands as the first live-action adaptation, which premiered on July 21.

It’s undeniably Barbie season and the Barbie fever is inescapable.

Thus, this is the perfect time to don a bright pink out, indulge in lollipops, and revel in all things Barbie. While the live-action film isn’t on any streaming platform yet, there are other animated Barbie movies to watch to evoke the spirit and charm of the Barbie season.

For Netflix users, while not all Barbie films are available on the streaming platform, there are still some fantastic options that will remind viewers of the enchanting Barbie Universe.

Prepare to be transported to a wondrous world, filled with all the funky charm Barbie is known for, while we await the arrival of the live-action film on streaming platforms.

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Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

With the Mattel Doll at the center of Barbie Dolphin Magic, viewers are taken on a journey alongside Barbie and her sisters, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, who are enjoying a tropical vacation on a beautiful island.

While exploring the picturesque surroundings, Barbie discovers a mysterious and rare gemstone necklace that holds magical powers that enable her to communicate with dolphins.

This heartwarming tale weaves the themes of friendship and bravery, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers with its positive messages. Each character plays a significant role in conveying these meaningful themes.

It also highlights the special bond between Isla and Barbie, adding depth and emotion to the captivating storyline.

While maintaining its fun and light-hearted essence, the story also features some engaging drama that would appeal to younger kids and devoted Barbie fans alike. It stands as one of the thrilling new Barbie movies on Netflix.

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Barbie Life in the Dream House (2012)

The web series, Barbie Life in the Dream House, maintains a light-hearted and humorous tone, which would appeal to wide audience, particularly young children and Barbie fans.

It offers viewers a glimpse into the fantasy world of Barbie and her friends as they live in a modern-day dream house, where they embark on various adventures, and face conflicts and comical situations.

What sets this series apart is Barbie’s ability to poke fun at her seemingly perfect life, leaving viewers in fits of laughter.

Many have applauded Mattel for daring to take hilarious and refreshing approach on the Barbie world. It is a well-crafted computer-generated animation that serves as a testament to the brilliance of the team that worked together to make it a reality.

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Despite being a Barbie production probably targeted at younger audience, the series also resonates with adults who can appreciate its clever jokes and wit better than kids.

Barbie Princess Charm School (2011)

In this empowering tale, Barbie plays Blair Willows, a humble and kind-hearted young girl who discovers that she is the long-lost princess of Gardania.

The story unfolds as Barbie, portrayed as a hard-working woman living in a small village, gets chosen to attend the prestigious Princess Charm School.

As is common with many beloved Barbie stories, she faces numerous challenges in her new life as a princess and must navigate through it all to come out successful.

Barbie Princess Charm School is a memorable and vivid film that lives up to its charming title. With its plot twists and storyline filled with rollercoaster of emotions, along with amazing supporting characters, this Barbie movie manages to be one of the best films based on this iconic Mattel doll.

Even non-fans of Barbie may even find this magical tale of friendship, courage and self-discovery entertaining.

Barbie Mermaid Power (2022)

In this enchanting story, Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and her sisters, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, join forces to help save the world of Pacifical.

To accomplish this daring quest, they must transform into mermaids. Featuring returning characters like Isla and Milo, as well as new additions such as Talleigha and Aquaryah, the movie boasts well-rounded and entertaining characters that captivate the audience and also add depth to the storyline.

True to the trademark of Barbie films, Barbie Mermaid Power is both fun and inspirational. While some consider it the best Barbie movie between 2021 and 2022, there are differing opinions regarding the abundance of songs, which some believe distracts from the plot.

Well, when has a lot of songs been a problem for Barbie fans? Hardly, as long as there is a magical story and a valuable message to learn by the end of the tale.

Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure (2023)

In this hour-long Barbie movie, Barbie’s sister, Skipper finally gets the spotlight she deserves. Unlike her previous appearances in most Barbie movies as a complainer or secondary character, viewers get to see her in a whole new light.

The plot follows as her babysitting business takes a hit, and she is forced to find summer job at a water park. However, when a birthday party goes awry at the waterpark, she must rely on babysitting skills to save the day.

With positive messages about believing in oneself and being brave at all times, Barbie: SKipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure continues to uphold the shining and positive image associated with Barbie’s stories.

It is certainly all things Barbie, and it marks the 42nd installment for fans who wish to immerse themselves in another delightful Barbie movie with her sister at the core of the story.

Barbie and Chelsea: The Lost Birthday (2021)

In this adorable and mystery-filled Barbie movie, the spotlight shines on Chelsea, the youngest of Barbie’s sisters, making it perfect for the little ones.

It follows as Chelsea’s birthday date suddenly disappears from the calendar on the eve of her birthday. Now, Barbie, Chelsea and her friends must do something to get her birthday back in order to celebrate it.

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Throughout the adventure, Chelsea gets to express her diverse emotions and encounters thrilling characters along the way.

While it may not be at the same level as other Barbie movies, Barbie and Chelsea: The Lost Birthday is full of magic and exciting escapades, delivering great messages about the importance of family.

There are tons of comedic moments and cute characters to make the movie pleasant to see. Although the characters and their voices may not entirely appeal to older audience, the younger children will undoubtedly have a blast watching this fun-filled movie.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (2018-2020)

Hyped up about Barbie’s life in her fantasy world and how she interacts with her friends as well as their endless adventures? Then, the animated vlog adventure, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, is one not to miss.

It is set in the modern-day Dreamhouse where Barbie resides with her sisters Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, as well as her diverse groups of friends.

Throughout the series, Barbie faces challenges and setbacks in her professional life but learns important lessons about perseverance, creativity, and problem-solving.

Beyond Barbie’s own journey, the series also shines a spotlight on the lives of the other characters, showcasing how these friends always come together to offer each other unwavering support and encouragement.

The modern portrayal of Barbie in this series makes her highly relatable and intelligent. With its heartwarming depiction of Barbie’s life with friends, this series is a perfect choice for family viewing.

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Barbie: Epic Road Trip (2022)

This exciting tale takes viewers on another beautiful adventure as Barbie “Malibu” Roberts, Skipper, Ken and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts embark on a road trip to deliver puppies to their “Fur ever” homes all over the country.

While performing this kind act, they must also rush back to New York within three days for a chance to audition as backup singers for a famous singer.

Witnessing the beautiful relationship between Ken and Barbie isn’t the only heartwarming part of Barbie: Epic Road Trip, there’s also singing and adorable puppies.

While this presents a more mature Barbie in this fun movie, it is not as sophisticated as the live action movie which may not be entirely suitable for kids and tweens.

But this one would be a delight for kids who enjoy road trips laced with dancing, singing and classic Barbie messages about believing in oneself, value of friendship and doing the right thing.

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale (2010)

In Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, this empowering icon takes on the role of Merliah Summers, a talented surfer who discovers she’s actually a mermaid in a girl’s body.

Initially, Barbie has no idea that she’s a mermaid and could breathe underwater. However, during one of her big surf competitions, she discovers this hidden part of her.

With the help of a friend, she learns that she’s a mermaid princess whose destiny is to protect the kingdom of Oceana from an evil threat and save her mother.

Though devoted Barbie fans might be familiar with the plot, they will undoubtedly adore this film for its fun characters, cliché plot, breathtaking high-fashion mermaid world, catchy songs and abundance of inspiring messages.

While it may not be the classic Barbie film, it serves as a reminder of how silly yet entertaining and empowering essence of Barbie’s tales. Kelly Sheridan lends her powerful voice to bring Barbie to life as she does in many Barbie tales.

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Barbie Spy Squad (2016)

What profession is Barbie not known for? Barbie has virtually stepped into different shoes and this time she is portrayed as a secret agent.

In this animated action-adventure, Barbie and her two best friends, Teresa and Renee team up to become undercover spies who must stop a cat burglar from stealing powerful gems.

Each of them possesses their own unique talents, and must rely on their skills as talented gymnasts, glam disguises and sophisticated high-tech gadgets to stop this cunning villain.

As they begin their mission, they face numerous challenges and must learn to work together as a team in order to succeed.

While there may be those who dislike Barbie movies, Barbie Spy Squad is for Barbie fans who wish to relive the Barbie experience in this action-packed movie while they wait to finally watch the live-action movie. Just like every Barbie movie, it is whimsical and fun too.

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (2022)

The one-hour animation series, Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams marks the beginning of the friendship between Barbie Malibu and Barbie Brooklyn.

It follows as Barbie leaves the sun-kissed Malibu to attend a summer performing Arts Program, where she unexpectedly meets another Barbie Roberts and the two become fast friends.

However, despite their growing friendship, they must both compete for the Spotlight Solo in Times Square.

Opinions about this new development vary, as some viewers find the series boring or overly dramatic and do not appreciate having two Barbies in one story.

On the other hand, Others warmly welcome this new development, finding it an amazing addition to the awesome Barbie storylines. Well, it is no princess adventure and may not appeal to those who want the classic Barbie films.

Perhaps, Mattel is evolving with time and embracing new characters and storylines.

Barbie: It Takes Two (2022-Present)

For those who already love the idea of two Barbies in one series, Barbie: It Takes Two is a chance to see both stars shine in a series. Serving as a follow-up to the Dreamhouse adventures series, this animated series follows as Barbie Malibu and Barbie Brooklyn chase their dreams of musical stardom.

While some Barbie fans may feel that it doesn’t quite match up to the excellence of Dreamhouse Adventures and lacks the same level of character development, those who crave the trademark fun and excitement of Barbie stories will not be disappointed.

It is intriguing and light-hearted, featuring interesting characters just like in Dreamhouse Adventures. In this beautiful tale, Barbie is still presented as a sympathetic and self-aware fashion goddess, but some viewers have noted some shifts in her values within this recent series.

Are the barbie movies coming to netflix? Barbie Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix in 2023 (2)

Barbie Princess Adventure (2020)

Barbie Princess Adventure teaches young audience the importance of staying true to oneself, embracing one’s passions, and the power of friendship and compassion.

In this animated musical, Barbie is first introduced as an ordinary teenager who loves to sing and lives with her tech-savvy friend in the city of Los Angeles.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is invited to a royal gala, and she learns that she is the long-lost princess of the fictional kingdom of Floravia.

While this may not be the old Barbie movies, it undoubtedly sparks nostalgic feelings reminiscent of cherished movies like Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.

There are also series of ensemble dance and songs, adding to the overall fun and engagement. Of course, there’s a suspense too that keeps viewers eager to know the identity of the villain.

Above is information about are the barbie movies coming to netflix?that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Barbie. Thank you for reading our posst.

Are the barbie movies coming to netflix? Barbie Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix in 2023 (2024)
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