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N could see the buss approach that would bring in Uzi's class mates he and V would keep distracted while Uzi looks around for clues on Doll's hiding spot, easy enough plus a chance on potentially making new friends N though not knowing what awaited him.

He and V watched as the campers got out of the buss and make their way to the camp site, they decided on a more dramatic entrance so they waited for the perfect moment which came as soon as on of them asked if they were gonna be left unsupervised, as soon as those words left his mouth N and V crashed into the ground in front of them.

N got up with a menacing grind not something he realized he would have as he actually had to fight off the urge to feast on them, he did managed to do it quickly and keep his cool making it look like he tried to scare them rather then actively trying not to kill them.

''Howdy Campers who's ready for a role call! 1, 2 . . .'' He waited for them to do the rest them self but their remained silent.

It was due to the shock that the apparent Sky Demon that they all hide from for years was rather nice and up beat sounding, also friendly and good looking, they all thought that but would be dragged out of their thought as soon as V decided to break their silence by shooting one of the campers. They all promptly decided to give them a salute and call their numbers.

''Great everyone seems to be accounted for! Minus one.'' He said the last part in a more serious tone and giving V a less then happy look, ever after the prom night after and getting conformation that those weird dreams are actually memories he viewed V differently, less under rose colored glasses he did before when he had a crush on her and more for she really was and one thing was for sure, she wasn't the drone from those memories he fell for.

He turned back to the campers and put on his iconic smile and cheerful tone ''We go so many activities planed so no sneaking off.'' he gave Uzi are not so subtle wink ''To the bunks!'', he turned around and took a couple steps only to stop as he didn't hear the others follow him, he turned around to see them all terrified this time due to V shooting one of them.

Luckily Thad and Lizzy would come to help out and ease the tension by referring to N and V as friends and standing next to them, and as soon as Uzi commented on also being friends with them they all rushed to the two although it was because they were more afraid of Uzi then the Disassemblers.

His attention was grabbed by a certain twin tailed Worker who wore glasses, she took his hands and said that he could be their friend referring to the group as a whole. That drone fascinated him as she looked like J if she had glasses and yet her seeming timid nature and the sweetness in her voice reminded him of the V from his memories. He would lie if he didn't feel some form of attraction to her luckily he didn't make it known on the outside and he also quickly suppressed that thought since he was supposed to be on a mission to distract them and he couldn't really get distracted himself.

V on the other hand was trying her best not to kill someone else so soon after the first murder of the night, even though the sunglass wearing idiot was actively begging her to kill him by pocking her head. She decided on a less violent method by distracting them saying that is a pilot.

This naturally brought everyone's attention to him, although the only one that got his attention in return was that of another drone with blue hair and a single purple line going through it, she giggled once she heard that he was a pilot and looked at him in a way that was clear that she was more then interested in him. What noticed more then anything about her was that she had a vague resemblance to V, not outright looking like her, unlick the other girl in front of him who was a mirror copy of J minus the glasses.

He tried again to distract himself from his thought by looking to Uzi only to see her already on her way to do her part of the plan so he turned back to the campers put on a smile and lead them to the camp.

A couple activities later he found himself on the frozen lake rowing a canoe with who else other then the two female Worker drones from entrance of the camp that he was having improper thought about, trough out the night and various activities he tried to focus on the mission as best as he could but somehow they either always found them self's right next to him or in just the right spot that he could steal a couple stares towards them without the others noticing.

Throughout he learned that while Emily was basically a maid version of V in a J body, Rebecca ended up being a bit of a J character in a vaguely looking V body. She was also quit flirtatious a little bit like J back during their first day's on the planed before she became mean to put it lightly.

And Emily, well she was just a cute nerdy little sweetheart and if N had to be honest with himself he wouldn't mind taking one of them if not both but he couldn't. He was on a mission to distract all the campers and he could just abandon that to go flirt with two other Worker girls and besides it wasn't morally right to do.

After all he was their camp counselor he couldn't just fool around with the campers, and besides he thought that they were to young, that was until he remembered that Uzi had been the youngest in her class an she was 19 meaning that they had to be either 20 or 21. Sure he had been 28 but that wasn't the worst age gap just 8 years at most, if he remembered correctly the age gap between the two owners of the mansion was bigger, he couldn't really remember their names but he knew that they had a age gap of 11 years.

Something he also could remember well was that surprisingly it was the misses who was the older partner in that relationship and while his memory files would only show him black figures with white eyes he knew that she had been quit a looker for her age.''What no I'm completely loosing focus here!''He thought to himself realizing that his mind went fully off topic and at a right moment as he could hear V say something along the lines of ''Attack my minions!''.

He turned to see what she had been up to now only to see how the two Worker carrying her boat kicked his causing it to shake.

''HELP I CAN'T SWIM!!!'' Rebecca screamed even though it didn't make sense since the water was frozen so she didn't wouldn't even need to.

Non the less N quickly got up and caught both Rebecca and Emily, even though she didn't scream like Rebecca it was clear that she was also about to fall out of the canoe and while the two weren't in risk of drowning he still didn't want them to fall an hurt them self's on the ice let alone risk cracking their visors and so it was that Rebecca found herself in N's arms as his tail wrapped it self securely around Emily.

''You two alright?'' He asked them with a concerned sounding voice.

The both of them blushed and could only reply with a simple lovey dovey sounding yes, N soon realized the positions he held the two girls in helped them stabilize before letting go of them. On the outside he looked like a lovable goof who just helped two girls in distress while being unaware of what he did to them emotionally, the inside however he was about the same blushing mess they were, luckily he was much better at hiding those feelings.

He quickly decided to focus his energy on V who caused all this whole mess only to see that her two boat carries fell over, taking down Lizzy and V with them as V somehow got stuck to the canoe stopping her from just flying off and meeting with the ground. He decided that was enough and didn't press further on not being the person to kick someone while they were already down.

Some time had passed and Uzi needed more time so they decided to extend the field trip and stay over the day where everybody would be sleeping, why the Workers were sleeping during the day like the Disassemblers was simple, N's plant camp activities exhausted them enough to sleep through the entire day. He was in his cabin preparing himself for the day and while he was doing that Rebecca somewhere else in the camp was frustrated.

All day she tried to flirt with N and get his attention only to fail even with her best attempt back at the frozen lake, well she didn't fail completely she did catch him giving her a couple of looks, he had been good at hiding it she had to admit that but she knew that he had been checking her out but she also noticed that he was giving Emily more looks then her. Seemed that he liked the nerdy type but it didn't bother her to much as she was still determent to get her hands on him and she had just the right idea how to, she just needed someone's help to guarantee success.

And so Rebecca made her way to a certain cute little twin tailed nerd.

Emily was making her way to her cabin while reading her book when she heard someone call out to her, ''Hey there Emily wait up a sec!'' she turned around to see Rebecca being the one calling out to her ''Oh uh, Hi Rebecca how can I help you?'' she replied with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

''Well first tell me, what do you think of the Murder Drone? Cute isn't he?'' Rebecca already knew her answer after all she could see that she had the same reaction when N caught them both in the boat, plus she knew the secretive perv Emily was, so this should be a piece of cake.

''Ah w-well he is quit adorable looking, why are you asking me that though?'' Emily was genuinely curious why Rebecca would ask her of all people.

''You see it's because the others might haven't noticed by I could see it clear as day the he threw us both some looks, especially our feminin parts.'' Rebecca had a small smile as she whispered the last part that may have had been a white lie but she argued that he could have looked there while she didn't pay attention.

Emily didn't reply only began to blush heavily as she thought about N checking her body out and what he would do to he if he could, Rebecca's smile grew wider as she had Emily right where she needed her ''He properly didn't want to make a move on us in front of the others, so why don't we go and pay him a visit now that were isolated from the rest?''.

''Wait what about Darren?'' Emily said trying to buy her self some time as she wasn't fully sure if she should go along, not that she didn't want to but he had been a Disassembler and she was a Virgin, she didn't think that she could take him. a''Never mind Darren, it's not like he never cheated on me!'' Rebecca answered with a eye roll not really sounding too worried about being unfaithful towards him.

''Uhm pardon me but I'm sure with how often you two cheat on each other that at this point's it's more like a open relationship what you two got going on.'' This time Emily simply pointed out the obvious as she couldn't help herself.

Rebecca just stood there for a second and thinking about what Emily said before shaking her head and deciding to go back to the topic at hand ''Nevermind that you in or not?''.

Emily still looked a bit nervous but decided to go for it ''Y-Yeah l-let's go!''.

Back at his cabin N finished all his preparations and was about to go to bed only to hear a nocking at his door,''Huh who could it be at this hour? Did Uzi find something after all?''''Coming!''. He opened his door only to find the two Worker drones that have been by his side the entire day, ''Oh hi you two, you need something?'' he asked then keeping his perfect composure depside the fact that the way they stood the made his mind slowly form improper thoughts.

''Yes we got hurt and need metical attention!'' Rebecca said putting her best hurt girl act on.

''OH! Come on in, I'll go bring the med kit!'' N said quickly making his way to the med kit or in this case the tool box since they were drones.

Rebecca took the opportunity to close the door behind them and signaled Emily to take off her shirt before N turned back around, once he took the tool bocks he was meet with a sight of two Worker girls top less only their bras covering their breasts, at this point he didn't even border with hiding his blush.

''Not sure that med kit is gonna help us much, I think your healing saliva would be better at doing the job.'' Rebecca spoke first before getting behind Emily and grabbing her boobs causing Emily let out a cute little sound from the surprise ''I think you should tread Emily first!''.

At this point N decided not to fight it anymore and let his lesser instincts win, after all they were quit literary in his cabin with their tops off and asking him to enjoy them, he drops the tool box and made his way to them ''Su-sure just tell me where it hurts.'', he asked Emily going along with the whole healing bit.

Emily was blushing and looking to the side as she lifted up her bra to let her boons out and with a nervous sounding tone said ''H-here!''.

He gently took her waist and lowered his head and brought his tongue out, the sight of which alone excited Rebecca as she watched him first lick Emily's right boob before starting to suck on it. Emily let out a small moan as this was the first time she felt something like this, he then moved to do the same to her left boob.

As N was busy with Emily, Rebeca made her was to his bed loosing all her cloths along the way, she sat down and watched for a little while as Nhealed Emily's breast with his saliva. The view got her excided and impatient for her turn ''Ooh Camp counselor! I need healing too.'' she said as she spread her legs and used her fingers to spread the lips of her puss*, showing off exactly where she was hurt.

''Ah yeah right away!'' He let go of Emily's waist and made his way to Rebecca, Emily for her part felt disappointed that it ended so soon having to get and feel something like that for the first time only getting to imagine it while reading her more adult books.

N got on his knees in front of Rebecca and quickly went to us his tongue to lick her puss*, something that Rebecca noted that Emily couldn't thanks to her experience is how much rougher Disassembler tongues were then Worker ones but in a good way and she liked every lick he gave her.

She grabbed him by his hair for better support ''Aah Ah I think I need some of your healing on the inside as well!'' Rebecca said as she started to moan just from his licks.

N didn't leave her to wait long as he pushed his tongue deep into Rebecca's puss*, the sheer size of it entering her like that caused her to let out a big cry of pleasure as she just realized how big his tongue was. It alone was bigger then most Worker dicks leaving her only to imagine how big his piece must have been, while N was making sure to spread his healing saliva all over Rebecca's insides Emily made her way to them and watched it all from the side line starting to touch herself as she grew wetter from just watching the two.

It didn't take long for Rebecca to come to a climax with N's long rough tongue moving round her and spreading her inner walls with it's movement, she took a even firmer hold of his hear as she arched forward letting out a scream in pleasure as she came all over his face, as soon as she was done she let go of him and fell down on the bed.

N got up from his kneeling position with a heavy breath he first looked down at Rebecca who was laying on the bed with a satisficed look on her face and then at Emily who had a innocents yet wanting look to her, he took her gently by her check an kissed her, that action would send a spark through her entire body as this was Emily's firs kiss. She would give into his kiss and pen her mouth further allowing him to push his tongue into her and explore her mouth, to wrap his tongue around hers and to eventually push it into her throat.

Rebecca could see the bulge his tongue made in Emily's throat and she would gladly imagine how that must feel like, N would pull his tongue back in and break off the kiss letting Emily catch a breath. ''That was some premium healing you two just received, hope you have a way to pay for it!'' He told the two seeing how he's went this far already that there was no point in not going all the way not like he thought that the two just came here to get a taste of his saliva.

''Y-y-Yeah o-of course we c-can!'' Emily said with a shaky voice.

''Well both be more then happy to replay your for it oh counselor but seeing how Emily there is brand new to this, mind if I go first to show her what to expect?'' Rebecca asked him in a seductive tone.

He looked at Emily who gave a nod of confirmation, he then took of his cloths revealing his Disassembler dick that was bigger then what Emily imagined and by far bigger then anything Rebecca saw be it from her partners, her dild*s or Lizzy's strap-on's, her eye's only grew wider with excitement as she saw it before her. ''You should properly lubricate it before I go in.'' He said with one hand on Emily's shoulder and the other stretched out towards Rebecca to help her get up.

Rebecca took his hand and along side with Emily started to lick his co*ck each of them taking a side, N could feel their tongues sliding up and down on the side of his dick, looking down at them he could see them looking back at him Rebecca giving him a more seductive and experienced look, while Emily had a more nervous look trying to do her best. Rebecca would lick his balls and instructed Emily to do the same as she move to his tip trying to fit it inside her mouth.

N had some experience but nothing compared to the feeling of Emily sucking on his balls as Rebecca worked his tip with her tongue making circles around it, he slowly raised his hand to her head and started to push her in even deeper. At first till he could feel the back of her throat and then he pushed even further till he could feel ow tight her throat felt around his dick, having such a huge thing shoved down her throat just like that caused her visor to show tears but also it gave her a warm feeling in both her core and her lower area she like it the feeling of choking on him.

Emily put her hands in front of her mouth at looked her Rebecca with concern only to be surprised that as soon as N let go of her she would place her face right under his dick and whit a smile asked him to do it again, he did as she asked and showed her violently back to chocke on his dick, he left her there for 3 minutes before letting go again and letting her fall back to the bed.

She was caught up for air as she tried to catch her breath, this was the first time that she had been chocked like she wanted to as no one ever had the right size or strength to do it right. She didn't get the time to rest however as she could feel him picking up her legs and spreading them, she watched with anticipation as he pressed his tip up against her c*nt and slowly began to push it in after all the size difference meant hat he couldn't just ram it in right away.

Rebecca felt every single centimeter as he stretched her insides further then she had ever been stretched before and she loved it all as it just kept sending shockwaves of pure raw pleasure through out her entire body, he only had been half way in before she could no longer contain her self and let out moans wanting him to keep going and give her everything he got and he would do so until he was balls deep inside of her.

He took a moment to get used to how tight she was before he started to move his dick back out again till hos tip was the only thing left inside only to push it back in, this time fast and hard sending a mixture of pain and pleasure through Rebecca's body as he kept doing so in. She loved the overwhelming sensation of having such a big dick repeatedly and violently being thrusted into her.

She loved it rough and this was the roughest she has ever been f*cked, not even Lizzy could compete to the raw strength and furry N was treating her with. She screamed and moaned his name as he f*cked her like she had been nothing better then a toy. She tried to hold it in and to enjoy this for as longs as possible but try as she may her body just couldn't hold out any longer and she came yet again. N had to cover mouth with his hand do keep her from telling everybody what they were doing with her screams and moans as he kept pounding her as he wasn't done yet.

N continued for a while longer before he could feel himself getting closer, he pulled out and released all of his seed on Rebecca's stomach, boobs and even reaching her face. He took a moment to breath as he looked down at Rebecca and the mess he made out of her, he then looked to the side and saw Emily also looking at Rebecca whit one hand firmly placed between her legs.

He got her attention by rubbing her check with his tail, she turned to look at him and see him with a lustful smile. N got closer to her and started to kiss her again growing to like the taste of her lips, he slowly lowered her to lay on the bed next to Rebecca as his tail removed her panties.

He broke the kiss only to kiss her on her upper neck, then her side neck before hovering over her neck with his mouth and asking her ''May I?''. Emily already knew what he was asking her and whit a quiet whimper she replied ''Y-Yes!''.

N then pressed his teeth against her neck and bit down only hard enough to draw oil, he then started to suck on her wound to drink from her. Emily had been a little scared but soon started to like the feeling of his lips around her neck as he drank her oil, soft moans escaped her especially once she felt his tail rub against her vagin*.

N loved hearing her soft moans, he loved making her feel like that. Once he has his fill he wulad spread his saliva on her bite marks to close them up before running his tongue down her body to her puss* to taste her other set of lips, and he couldn't say that he didn't like it, as a matter fact he loved it and from the sound of her moans she like loved it too.

He pulled his head away from her and raised his body and looked at her with a loving gaze ''I don't know what part of you I like to taste more, your mouth, oil, boobs or your puss*!''.

Emily was flustered and looked away in embarrassment ''Do-don't say something like that!''.

He leaned down to kiss her on her check ''Not my fault that you taste that good.'', as he did that his dick pressed against her puss*. Emily looked down at his dick and she had a bit of a worried expression, N noticed that leaned in to whisper in her audio sensors ''Don't worry I'll gentle and careful with you!''.

She felt a reassured by his words but was still a little bit nervous as he got into position taking his dick in his hand to have more control as he slowly started to push up against her entrance, as this was her first time pain was inevitable but he still took great care to hurt her as little as possible. Soon his tip was fully in and he decided looked at her to see how she was fairing, aside from having a single tear she was seemingly doing good.

She looked to him and signaled him to keep going and he began to push further, and Emily tried to stay strong but N could see through her and would rub her face with his hand and give her encouraging words as he pushed his dick half way into her. He stopped as he could see that she couldn't take anymore.

''You did great, that's all you gotta do.'' N said as he began to slowly pull out showing the oil on his dick as he pulled out, he then slowly went back in till he was again only half way in. He kept doing so to help her get used to the feeling, Emily endured the pain till it slowly started to turn into pleasure, as he kept doing his rhythm she began to stop weeping and started to moan and the digital tears dried out giving way to a lustful gaze in her eye's.

''I Ah, I think started to re-Aah, rely like this!'' Emily said in between moans.

''Good, so you rover the painful part! Think you could handle him going a bit faster?'' Rebecca asked having recovered from having her gut's rearranged and watching the two having their cute little gentle f*cking.

''YeAaah!'' Emily said giving N the go ahead, hearing that she was willing he started to a bit faster.

Watching the two Rebecca could already see the dynamic that was forming between the three of them and she didn't mind it, these two could be the lovey doevy happy couple having their vanilla sex's as long as she get's her guts rearranged from time to time.

Emily's moans increased as N went even faster the both of them getting closer to the climax, ''Emily I'm close!'' N said as he tried to make sure to not push further into her not wanting to break her on yet.

''Aah AAH, M-me too!'' Emily replied feeling herself getting closer as well, Rebecca took the opportunity to reposition herself bringing her head close to Emily's crotch.

''I'll just be her in case you don't want to glaze her as you did me or inside her!'' She said really hoping she gets to swallow his seed.

N wasn't gonna risk getting any of them pregnant not that he knew he could get them pregnant but still he would rather be safe, and he didn't want to dirty Emily like that so Rebecca's mouth would have to do.

Emily would be the first to cum, N got a couple more thrust in before pulling out and grabbing Rebecca's hair and showing his dick down her throat again, filling her throat with his cum. She tried to swallow as much as she could but it was to much and some leaked out of her mouth.

Once finished cumming and pulled his dick out Rebecca made her way to Emily with some of his cum she saved and decided to share with her, Emily was coat off guard by that but once she hot to taste the mix of N's cum and Rebecca's lips she gave in and happily swallowed.

N watched for a moment before getting up to grab a towel or what ever he there was in that cabin to clean the two before laying down between them and falling asleep while hugging them both close to him.

Meanwhile in another cabin V laid in her bed with wide open eye's and a massive blush from earlier as she heard a sound on her way to her cabin coming from N's cabin, she regretted having check it out as she saw N with two of the Worker girls in bed. She was a bit weirded out by the sight but also felt a bit needy.

Camp lovers! - AsanoKinkishi - Murder Drones (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)
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